Manufacturer of Motion Picture Printers, Accessories for Optical Contact, Printers and Telecines, High precision CNC Machining and Turning, Production run quantities and proto-type quantities Door Cladding



Quality Control Equipment:


Coordinate Measuring Machine: Mitutoyo BRT-M707
Comparator: Starrett HB350
Microscope: Mitutoyo Tool Maker
Digital Surface Gauge: Mitutoyo SJ-201
Various Height Gauges: Mitutoyo Digimatic 
Various Dial and Digital Indicators: Mitutoyo
Bore Gauges: Range .275-6.00
Groove Gauges: Range .720-8.00
Micrometers: Range 0-8.00
Bore Micrometers: Range 2.0-12.0
Depth Micrometers: 0-12.0
Various Flange Micrometers
Various Blade Micrometers
Various Pin Micrometers
Various Thread Micrometers
Digimatic Calipers: Range 0-40.00
Countersink Gauges: Barcor