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Peterson International has been in business over 50 years.

Peterson designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of motion picture laboratory equipment.

Products include, wet and dry contact printers for high-speed release printing.

Digital Sound Heads capable of printing Analog, DTS digital track, Dolby SRD and Sony SDDS track.

A patented full immersion wet gate system for Rank, Marconi and Bosch telecine. The full immersion system eliminates nicks and scratches in negative films and prints during film to tape transfer.

Accessories and specialty equipment for the film laboratory and video studios round out the line of exceptionally high-quality equipment available from Peterson International.


Select the parts you want to order and use the form from the bottom of the page to send your order:
1. Film Sprockets
A. Printer Registration Sprockets
16 & S/16mm Picture Exposure Sprocket (PIE Bi-Dir & Model “C” Printer) 260657
16 & S/16mm Sound Exposure Sprocket (PIE Bi-Dir & Model “C” Printer) 2457
B. Printer Feed & Take Up (Hold Back) Sprockets
16 & S/16mm, 20 Teeth, .50 Bore, Model “C” 260191
2. Film Rollers
A. Printer
16mm Transport Roller (S.S.) 260200
3. Motion Picture Printers & Accessories
A. Motion Picture Printer Accessories
Digital Sound Head, BHP Panel/Modular, Analog/DTS/SRD/SDDS 017796 click for larger view
B. Motion Picture Printer Parts
Film Take Up Hub, Cam Lock 016638
Film Take Up Hub, Manual Lock 017364 click for larger view
Film Take Up Hub Expander 0270286

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